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R. Stephen Berry
James Franck Distinguished Service Professor
Department of Chemistry and the James Franck Institute
The University of Chicago
929 E. 57th St., GCIS E 129
Chicago, Illinois 60637

Current Undergraduate Students

Anne Marsden : Cluster phase transitions

Recent Post Docs
Chengju Wang : Effects of range on energy landscapes.

Jason Green : Classical and quantal dynamics of finite systems.

Recent Graduate Students

Art Reber : Above-threshold Ionization and electron-atom scattering.

Chi Zhang : Potential Energy Surface of Atomic Clusters, Molecular Dynamics, Master Equation, Unimolecular Reaction.

Weihua Guo : Molecular Dynamics, Protein Folding

David Kendall : Course-grained/fine-grained correspondence, protein folding and association

Jun Lu : Potential Energy Surface (PES) problems, Kinetics and Dynamics of small systems

Ambarish Nag : Proteins and Surfaces

Nima Panahi : 3-D analogue of geometric phase in the pseudorotating trigonal bipyramid, PCA to determine rate coefficients for multidimensional energy landscapes.